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¡¤Advanced Thixomolding Technology         ¡¤Application Area    

:: Thixomolding ::
   Thixomolding technology is based on the thixotropic capabilities of some metal alloys. When heated to near melting point and when shearing forces are applied£¬these alloys exhibit thixotropic properties, becoming a semi-solid material in which solid particles are suspended in a liquid matrix. This thixotropic state allows the viscous metal material to flow as if it were thermo-plastic.
:: Advantages versus Mannesium Die-Casting ::
  1. Porosity as low as 0.069%.
  2. Environmentally friendly--No SF6.
  3. Better performance in anti-corrosion.
  4. Tight tolerances, excellent dimensional repeatability..
  5. Better mechanical properties.
  6. Longer tool life.
  7. Ability to mold more complex shapes.
  8. Ability to mold thinner walls.
  9. Operating temperatures 100 degrees Celsius lower than typical die casting.
:: Principiuma ::
   Mg alloy, supplied in chip form, is heated in the cylinder of the injection-molding machine, transforming it into fluid mold in the pattern of laminar flow to minimize the porosity of the molded products.
:: Green Features ::
¡¤No foundry,almost room temperature operation.
¡¤No use of SF6 which leads to green house effect.
¡¤No emerging heavy metal sludge and dross.

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